How Do I Start?

If you know the package or service that you are interested in then let us know by sending a breakdown of your requirements. If you are unsure we may be able to clarify for you. Provide as much info as possible in your initial email.

Once you’re on board, and we have the required information, you will need to provide us with all the necessary text details (accurate to each full stop and comma) as well as your own images and/or sketches.

Prompt service is based on full communication, preparedness and knowing what you want from the get go. 

How Does It Work?

It is all based on the size and needs of your project. We look at your budget, time constraints and which tier service you require. The three main tiers are basic, budget and premium. The stages are as follows:

1. Consultation and Strategy.

Information about you/your business. 

It is all about what you have in mind and/or what we can suggest. Some clients will be very specific about their business needs, purpose, client base, strategy and the simplicity/complexity of a proposed package, others may need a little more help.

2. Your Own Content.

Once we are clear about how simple or detailed your website or project is we shall need to see whether other parts of the jigsaw are in place, such as content.

charcmode3. Implementation and Construction. 

This is also known as the design and build stage, where everything starts to come together. The process is a layered one so everything is based on and related to a previous stage. Your input and vision is important in constructing the project. 

4. Testing and Revision by Deadline. 

Testing is a standard process to make sure everything does what it is supposed to. Site revision is to see if anything needs alteration or changing. Site revision is not a revamp and revision rounds are limited, email for more info. All testing and revision should be complete before the deadline date.

5. Launch Date.

Your launch date is different from the deadline date. You can choose to launch your website at anytime after the project is complete or if you prefer on the actual deadline date. Your website will then be live for all to see.

6. Aftercare.

We provide aftercare support, if needed. If it is something that you are able to do or that you will need to do then we can provide limited web maintenance training. 

faqs charcmode media how to create a wbesite

How Much Does It Cost? 

Our pricing is as transparent as we can make it. Exact and complete pricing will always be made available to you without any hidden extras. Reputation is built on trust and this we have gained from many years in business. 

Pricing is based on either a flat rate for packages or the hourly PAYG rate.

Payment Options:

1. Pay in one instalment, upfront.

2. Pay in two equal instalments – 50% x 2

3. Pay in three equal instalments – 33.3% x 3 (Larger packages only).  

Paying Via Instalments:

First Instalment covers initial hire costs: Labour time and operation. It also acts as a deposit.

Final instalment/s: Remaining cost/s left to pay.

Can I Pay As I Go?

The PAYG rate is an hourly or daily rate. It can be used as an add on to packages, where extra features are required, or as a stand alone rate for out of package services. 

It applies to:

  • All out of package work.
  • Adding extra features to an existing package.
  • For logo work and any other non website services.
  • Tweaks to websites not created by Charcmode.

Email for further info or go to page.

Can I Have A Lot Of Features?

Sometimes you may feel you need a lot of features on your website and/or a premium theme, this is fine but make sure you really do need them and you can afford it all. The more the features the longer the time required to build your website as well as an increased price. All work is time specific.

Features Include, but are not limited to:

  • Website Management (complete coordination).
  • Domain Privacy.
  • Private Custom Email.
  • SSL/https Certificate. 
  • More Pages.
  • Extensive Writing (of your pages and posts).
  • Logo Creation.
  • Shopping Cart/E-Commerce set-up. 
  • Paypal.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising.
  • Social Media Set-Up (you may have this already).
  • Maintenance and Aftercare.


The process begins with a few questions regarding your requirements