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07535 110 786 active vision and style for attention seekers. A website creation company supporting business brands and personal tastes.


Website packages based on price and time. Small, medium or large sites. Also social media combinations.

Content Management

Content creation; writing of blog/website posts and pages, image sourcing and video content.


Aftercare or spruce, making sure your website is getting the attention it needs. From updates to tweaks.


Limited training and tips available for website builder know how. A guide on how to change or find things.



  • Delivery 24/hrs
  • Pages - Up to 3
  • Aftercare Avail


ACTIVE set-up

  • Delivery 2/wks
  • Pages - Up to 5
  • 7 Day Aftercare



  • Delivery 3/wks
  • Pages - Up to 7
  • 14 Day Aftercare

How Do I Start?

If you know the package or service that you are interested in then let us know by sending a list of your requirements or fill in the questionnaire. If you are unsure we may still be able to help. Provide as much info as possible in your initial or second contact email.

Once you’re on board, and we have the basic information, you will need to provide us with all the necessary text details (accurate to each full stop and comma) as well as your own images/sketches.

Prompt service is based on communication, preparedness and knowing what you want from the get go. It starts with how much detail you let us know in your initial contact email.

Email for further info or see our pricing or process. 

What is the Charcmode Process?

So here is a step by step process of how it usually works.

Firstly – ask yourself if you want a custom made website to your specifics/design or do you want a budget one using our specifics/design?

Secondly –  do you want a multi page and feature packed site or a site with as little as 3-5 pages and a few features? 

The above questions are important not only for budget purposes but also for reasons of time and need.

1. Consultation and Strategy.

It all starts with what you have in mind and/or what we can suggest. Some clients will be very specific about their business needs/purpose, client base, strategy and the simplicity/complexity of website requirements. Other clients may need a little more help with how many pages or features they need.

2. Your Own Content.

Once you’re clear about how simple or complex your website or project needs are we shall need to make sure all your images, texts, name/logo/branding are in place

charcmode3. Implementation and Construction. 

This is also known as the design and build stage, where everything starts to come together. The process is a layered one so everything is based on and related to a previous stage. Your input and vision is important in constructing the website that you’ll be happy with. 

4. Testing and Revision by Deadline. 

Testing is a standard process to make sure everything does what it is supposed to and go where it is supposed to. Site revision is to see if anything needs alteration or changing. Site revision is not a revamp and revision rounds are limited, email for more info. All testing and revision should be complete before the deadline date.

5. Launch Date.

Your launch date is different from the deadline date. You can choose to launch your website at anytime after the project is complete or if you prefer on the actual deadline date. Your website will now be live for all to see.

6. Aftercare.

We provide aftercare support as a backup in case of any oversight or in the event that a feature is not responding. If it is something that you are able to do or that you will need to do then we also provide limited web maintenance training. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Charcmode? 

Our pricing is as transparent as we can make it. Exact and complete pricing will always be made available to you without any hidden extras. Reputation is built on trust and this we have gained from many years in business. 

Pricing is based on either a flat rate for packages or an hourly rate.

– The flat rate packages are £40 GBP,  £200 GBP and £300 GBP. If you require additional features, necessitating extra time, an hourly rate shall apply.  

– The hourly rate depends on the nature & value of the project. This rate shall apply to out of package additions, features and services, where applicable. The hourly rates are: £20 GBP, £29 GBP or £35 GBP.

Other Packages:

Other packages are available for larger websites and services, starting from £750 GBP. The cost of a higher package in lesser time will be more, based on how soon you need it. 

Other services such as logo creation can be arranged on a flat rate basis or an hourly rate. POA or POC (Application or Creation). 

Out Of Package Costs:

If you wish to vary a package a new price confirmation shall be sent via email. All further out of package changes and post aftercare support will be based on an hourly rate.

Payment Options:

– For the Active, Active Plus, larger packages and other services you are free to choose from the following payment options:

1. Pay in one instalment, upfront.

2. Pay in two equal instalments – 50% x 2

3. Pay in three equal instalments – 33.3% x 3.  

– For the Basic Set-Up Package and other sites that have not been created by Charcmode there are two payment options:

1. Pay in one instalment, upfront.

2. Pay in two equal instalments – 50% x 2

Payment Structure & Division:

1. Initial costs include; admin, deposit & hire. 

2. Operational costs include; labour & time.

3. Balance; remainder of the total cost left to pay.

We shall clarify the pricing for you once we know your route or you can email us.

What Is The Basic Set-Up Package?

The Basic Set-Up Package:

  • Domain Registration.
  • Monthly Hosting.
  • Web Platform Install and basic/limited set up (themes).
  • Fixed or Flexible Platform/Site Builder.
  • Amount of Pages; 1-3 Pages. 
  • Duration/Delivery = Up to 1 day (24 hours).
  • Price = From £40 GBP.

– Your yearly domain registration cost, taxes and hosting are not set by Charcmode Media. This is a separate price, dictated by the hosting/domain registration company, which are necessary to run your website. Sample domain registration company, for example: or

– May not include aftercare support, ssl/https, custom email, domain privacy, unless you include it or decide to do it yourself or it comes as standard/part of a hosting company offer.

+ Extra features can be added by paying either the out of package price or upgrading to a higher package. 

+ We can also offer you this package if you have an existing basic website that needs tweaking.

Email for further info or go to page.

What Is The Active Set-Up Package?

The Active Set-Up Package:

  • Website platform and active build set up (theme selection, customisation).
  • Domain Registration.
  • Monthly Hosting.
  • Custom Email.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Amount of Pages; 1-5 Pages. 
  • Duration/Delivery = Up to 14 days (336 hours).
  • Price = From £200 GBP.
  • + 7 Day Aftercare Support. 

– Does not include domain privacy, unless you include it.

– Does not include content creation (writing of posts/pages), this is down to the site owner.

Email for further info or go to page.

What Is The APlus Set-Up Package?

The Active Plus Set-Up Package:

  • Website platform link and build set up (theme selection, customisation).
  • Domain Registration.
  • Monthly Hosting.
  • Custom Email.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Domain Privacy.
  • Amount of Pages; 1-7 Pages.
  • Build Duration = Up to 21 days (504 hours).
  • Price = From £300 GBP.
  • + 14 Day Aftercare Support. 

Email for further info or go to page.

Prefer to Pay As You Go?

The PAYG rate is an hourly or daily rate. It can be used as an add on to packages, where extra features are required, or as a stand alone rate for out of package services. So it is either used as an option to a package or as a main method of payment, outside of a package.

  • For all out of package work above £40.
  • For adding extra features to a package.
  • For logo work and any other services.
  • For websites not created by Charcmode.

Email for further info or go to page.

Can I Have A Lot Of Features Added In?

Sometimes you may feel you need a lot of features on your website and or an expensive theme, this is fine but make sure you really do need them and you can afford it all. The more the features the longer the time required to build your website as well as an increased price. All packages are time specific.

Other Features:

(These can be added for a separate price).

  • Website Management (complete coordination).
  • Domain Privacy.
  • Private Custom Email.
  • SSL/https Certificate. 
  • More Pages.
  • Extensive Writing (of your pages and posts).
  • Logo Creation.
  • Shopping Cart/E-Commerce set-up. 
  • Paypal.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising.
  • Social Media Set-Up (you may have this already).
  • Maintenance and Aftercare.